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Won’t be Deflated

Posted on February 13, 2018

Won't Feel Deflated

So we have the radio on here in the Dakota Furniture office and they are certainty on a roll, playing hit after hit. Yes there has been much head bobbing and improv karaoke going on, at one point it sounded like we were going to get a bit of classic Queen.

However it turns out that this was only a ruse, a promo slot for their playlists. So imagine the deflating feeling that we all had after hearing that iconic bass riff sat at our Dakota Desks.

It got me thinking, ‘why do you have to taunt us like that, it’s not like we are just going to hop station or anything’?

In fact considering we are on the subject, don’t you just hate it when things are not laid out in black and white?

Be it when playing a game where the rules change at random, to a sale or giveaway having an annoying catch.

Thankfully one of the things you can be sure on is that our collection of Dakota Furniture™ is as straight up and clears as any furniture range out there.

This is because with our furniture there are a number of things you can count on, making sure you won’t feel deflated and let down.

  1. Quality Matters

Each and every piece in this collection from small side tables to our Dakota Coffee Tables are each handmade from 100% Solid Mango Wood. Each crafted direct from India before being sent over to our onsite warehouse.

  1. Designed with practicality in mind

Each piece in this collection just oozes natural style. So much so that often extra details fitted to our furniture is ignored, with the natural knots and character of the wood standing out. This is why each of our pieces comes in a choice of 2 finishes, designed to enhance this natural charm. These are the Light and dark wood finish, giving pieces such as the Dakota TV Unit a unique look in each case.

  1. Service, Service, Service

Now your brand new Dakota Sideboard is not going to get itself to you, however this is where we come in. From our detailed listings, to friendly sales staff all the way to the delivery of your furniture, we aim to provide the best service possible.

All of these factors ensures that unlike the radio, you will not be left feeling deflated.