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Weekend Woes

Posted on June 22, 2018

Sick Emoticon - Weekend Woes

Wheeeey! It’s almost the weekend, have you got that Friday feeling? I definitely have. This weekend is set to be an energetic one too, with me having lots planned.

In case you have checked the weather forecast at your Dakota Office Unit recently, it’s set to be a sunny day all the way through. Nothings better than when the weather somehow knows you need it to behave, especially if your plans involve being outside!

This weekend, I’ve planned to do head up into the air and sky dive! This is something that I’ve personally always wanted to try, but been too nervous of following through with.

I’ll inform you on how I ended up actually facing my nerves and hitting that ‘Book now’ button on my Laptop, which sit’s perfectly on my Office Desk. Heights have always daunted me, especially with the thought of falling from the sky at an extreme speed.

So, I bet you are wondering ‘ What’s made him face his fear?’. Well, I was out walking the other week at the countryside and noticed someone plummeting from above me. Then for some reason, bewildered to me I thought ‘I can do that!’ and here we are just a few days before I take the ‘big leap’ so to speak.

Now, I am not usually one to take on my fears but lately things have started to change. I’m going to try and attempt to face everything head on from this point onwards. I’ll be completely honest, the nerves are still there, however I am also excited at the same time.

Why don’t you face something you’ve never thought you would actually do? So, with that in mind today’s blog sadly comes to an end. See you all tomorrow for another daily blog, here at Dakota Furniture. Wish me luck, Goodbye!