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VW Restoration Update!

Posted on February 1, 2019

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Good afternoon readers, who’s been enjoying that Friday feeling then? Although, despite it being Friday the weather definitely has put a dampener on the day with ice and snow causing nothing but problems throughout the United Kingdom.

Anyway, onto today’s blog which is all about classic vehicles! As you all know I own a VW Type 2 Campervan which I am currently restoring. Well, I thought I’d just give you a quick update on the progress being made. After a large amount of time spent at my Dakota Office Desk, I managed to find a complete engine to replace my old one.

However, despite finding the perfect engine it did come at a cost of travelling all the way to Wales from West Yorkshire. Then again nothing beats a bit of travelling I suppose! It always amazes me just how hard it is to find the parts needed whether they be new or refurbed.

Well after finally getting my hands on an engine it has more than definitely moved up the speed of the project, with me now soon being able to move it around and get to the parts I couldn’t before.

Anyway, fingers crossed by the end of Easter the project restoration will be well and truly on it’s way to being completed. I can’t wait to share the final result with you all.

So, as this blog slowly comes to an end I hope that you have enjoyed reading it here at Dakota Furniture.

P.S Why not browse through our Bookcase collection, there is a vast selection available which would be a welcomed piece in to any family home. On that note, I shall see you all back here again tomorrow for the next daily blog. Oh, and enjoy the rest of your Friday as well as the weekend.