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Too Much Rain!

Posted on January 24, 2018

Too Much Rain!

Good morning readers, now many of you frequent readers will have probably read my blog about how I find the sound of raindrops. About how the sound is soothing and relaxing to a point where you feel like you could enter another world at any moment.

However as I arrived today to write about our original collection of Dakota Furniture I was thinking perhaps that article was a little premature.

As this morning the gentle and refreshing pattering of rain was replaced by the feeling of please let this end.

See the thing about rain is that it is unpredictable, so one minuet it could be a gentle shower or a monsoon.

Guess which I experienced this morning.

Yes on my way to the bus station the refreshing drops turned to heavy thunderous drops, which I just happened to be standing in the middle off.

Honestly at one point I felt that at one point I would see one of our Dakota Coffee Tables drifting in front of me as the water levels rose.

Perhaps I’m being overdramatic here; after all I did make it to my Dakota Desk and am hard at work with this week’s blog.

Yet as always whenever it rains public transport grounds to a halt, with that I had plenty of time to stare out at the rain bouncing off the bus window and think about this week’s topic.

The question being what I could highlight about our collection of Dakota Furniture.

I could highlight the unique nature of the wood, with it being made from old Indian Mango Wood trees, or perhaps the expanding and versatile range of items that we have available in stock.

Or I could just write about how ironic writing a blog about loving the rain has come back to haunt me somewhat today.

It turns out I picked the latter.