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Time For Somthing New

Posted on February 26, 2018

Time For Something New

Good afternoon fellow readers, today I have decided to write about looking for that ‘thing’ you desperately need.

Recently my family have purchased a new Static Caravan at the East Coast. Now, I know what you must be thinking ‘why are you informing us of your holiday home?’. Well, when purchasing a new home, it needs to be fully kitted out with the essentials i.e. Furniture, Cutlery and of course the odd gadget. Finding that specific furniture you need is always a hard task, right?

I have been one step ahead already acquiring some of the essentials such as: Cutlery and Technology. The only thing left is choosing my furniture, which for me is hard, as I’ve an extremely picky taste. After some time looking and debating I finally choose two important items: a dining set and a TV unit.

The Dakota Small Table and 2 Dakota Chairs was my first choice, the reason behind this was that I felt it would fit in perfectly in my home adding that feeling of a modern yet classic vibe. With this dining set coming in a various amount of colours it really did provide me with a nice selection to ensure it could suit my home with a homely feel.

My final choice was the Light Dakota 1 Door TV unit, choosing the correct TV unit to me is essential, as when you arrive at your holiday home or your house, you want to just leave all that work related stress outside of the door. Currently the way I release all that stress is by watching my TV or playing on the Xbox One, therefore it important a unit contains at least two shelves and a cabinet to store any games.

It’s great to say that the Caravan since adding those units’ has dramatically improved the rooms feeling.