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The Internet

Posted on November 6, 2018

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Hello readers of the Dakota Furniture Blog how are you all today? Hopefully you are better than the weather. I find the internet really amazing; I am sat here at my Dakota Large Office Desk writing a blog which you are going to see when you’re on the internet. It does make me wonder where you are right now when you are reading this. Are you reading this when you’re at work or have you been looking at high quality furniture and ended up at the Dakota Furniture website. Well it does really make you think how easy this is now, but 100 years ago nobody would have ever thought of a concept like this.

The powers of the internet are unbelievable I can connect to people across the world instantly, in a matter of moments I can find relatives I have never seen before. The possibilities are endless. We spend most of our life on the internet so people must be trying to think of ways to become more advanced as mainly it will make them more money than there competitor. For example, Apple, every 6 months or so are producing a new phone with new advancements such as a higher quality camera or it having a higher battery life just to try and stay ahead of their competition and to maximise the profits they are making.

However, as I put earlier almost 100 years ago nobody ever dreamt of the things that we are doing today as technology has been growing so rapidly. What it is going to be like in 100 years from now, could we have flying cars? Robots living among us? Or are we just going to peak in the next few years and technology will stop advancing.

Well that was today’s blog on my opinions on the wonders of the internet and how it is advancing. Come back tomorrow for another daily blog.