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Summer…In August?

Posted on August 26, 2019

Summer In August

Good Afternoon Everyone, I hope you are enjoying this fine bank holiday! In Yorkshire the sun is shining and glistening over the tree tops and its lovely weather to write blogs in.

In the UK, as you may know, our summer is generally in July, with August being known as the rain season. However, with it being the last week of August our jaws have swung low in the wind with shock – as its currently 30C! None of us are complaining though. Suddenly, with a ruse of madness, paddling pools are pumped up, sun cream lathered in a greasy whirlwind across skin, and the family Light Dakota Small Cube Dining Table carried into the lawn.

When its sunny, we can really enjoy our gardens – whereas usually we never get to appreciate them. Our Dakota Furniture is hidden away inside, longing for the slight breeze to caress their solid wood frame and feel the glowing sun around them. So why not?

Of course, readers, you have to be careful with your furniture and the sun. For example, if you have your Light Dakota Lamp Table outside, make sure you have it in some sort of shade, and don’t leave them out all the time or they will become sun-bleached.

After all, soon the sea blue sky will wash away into a grey cloud of despair, gruelling nights and haunted winds swirling at our doorstep – so let’s enjoy this fanatical time of warmth and joy, even if only for a few days.

That’s why I would recommend our Dakota Light Range. In the summery months, it really adds that natural charm of the sunshine within its light wood finish – so it feels like summer all year round.

Well reader, here’s to the next bank holiday – and let’s hope it’s another good one!