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Summer Dakota Bedroom Ideas!

Posted on July 30, 2019

Good Morning reader, I hope you are all well and thriving in this stifling heat – we certainly aren’t used to it up here in Birstall, West Yorkshire. Every room has the windows flung open, the fans whirring into the action at the flick of the switch. But that isn’t to say that we hate this glorious sun, we love to watch its striking rays dance across our faces and bodies, who doesn’t?

It means that if y6ou go on holiday somewhere warm, like Spain or Portugal, you can come home to another refreshingly warm climate! The only difference is the designs. In hotter countries, their bedrooms just don’t seem to uphold that Natural Wood Furniture that ours do, in my opinion anyway.

That’s why today, when we are experiencing the exact same weather as others, I am going to recommend some perfect Dakota Mango Bedroom Pieces that can one up that holiday home!

Switch up your sleeping style with our Dakota 3ft Single Bed, especially as its impossible to sleep next to anybody else in this heat! The compact unit is perfect for a traditionally preserved bedroom reinstated right in your very home. The Dakota 3ft Bed is an extra step up from this, if you want to push the mark a little.

Now, a bedroom isn’t a bedroom if you don’t have a beautiful storage solution such as the Dakota Double Wardrobe. The dark wood finish is perfect to reflect the dazzling sun rays all around your room even in winter for that year round cosy feeling. On the other hand, a Light Dakota Rectangular Cube can also encompass that celebration of light no matter what the weather is like.

Well that’s it from me reader! I have enjoyed going through the perfect Dakota bedroom as I watch the sunbeams radiate onto my desk! Have a good day and enjoy the sunshine if you can.