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Somethings Fishy!

Posted on October 20, 2017

Good morning Dakota Furniture readers, its exiting times in the office today. As a treat for all our hard work here on the Dakota Furniture™ website, our manager is treating the entire office to some fish and chips.

So already today is going to be a good day, however this now comes with a problem. Yes I am looking forward to eating some yummy fish and chips, yet now I’m starting to feel very hungry.

So to try and take my mind of the growls and rumbles I’m currently hearing, I’ve sat down at my Dakota Desk to write about our collection of original Dakota Mango Furniture.

See we here at Dakota Furniture are the forefathers of this incredible furniture range, scouring original Mango Wood designs from India and bringing them to the UK creating a brand new and exciting furniture collection.

At first we began with just the basics, with well known pieces such as the Dakota Coffee Table being the highlights of our furniture collection.

Yet as the years have passed we have found new ways of unleashing the potential of Natural Mango Furniture, with many of the simple designs we started with being evolved into brand new pieces.

An example of this is our Dakota TV Units, which to begin with were only available with a couple of media shelves. However after many design evolutions we now have a staggering range complete with drawers, cabinets and other home media essentials.

Along with this we have expanded our collection far beyond the living room, as seen in our bedroom and dining room collections which feature 100% Mango Wood examples of drawers, wardrobes and even complete Dakota Dining Sets.

Its these slow refinements and evolutions that have allowed us to become and still remain the UK’s premier Dakota Furniture supplier, a title we hope to keep for a long time.