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Shake Things Up A Bit!

Posted on September 22, 2017

Ok it’s time for a bit of a home truth about home furnishing, that truth being is that it is kind of boring when you think about it.

I mean how can a simple sideboard possibly be exiting or even a console table – it’s just not something that is that interesting to be honest. I guess therefore people will often try to mix things up with their home furniture often relying on accessories and complimentary pieces to liven up dull pieces of furniture.

However why go for complimentary pieces to liven up furniture, instead you should attack the root of the problem itself. If the furniture is boring, then shake things up a bit with some Solid Mango Wood.

So why Indian Mango Wood especially though, well first is the fact that wood furniture is warm, tactile and somewhat alive in a sense with knots and streaks standing out on pieces such as the Dakota TV Unit showing that at some point this was at one point a part of the world.

Therefore, Dakota Furniture™ has become such a popular range as it allows home owners to explore the potential of Natural Wood Furniture which often can be out of reach due to expense and other barriers between yourself and a Dakota Sideboard.

In fact, we don’t just take the wood itself and sell it outright, we go out of our way to ensure that the Dakota Furniture™ Range is as vibrant and lively as any other Solid Wood Furniture collection with the option for either a vibrant light wood finish or a warming dark wood finish available to browse and purchase.

Don’t like the look of a Dakota Bookcase in light wood, then why not take a look at the dark wood finish, it’s still the same Solid Mango Wood but with a little bit of a shake up.