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The Old Days in the Office

Posted on August 18, 2017

The Old Days in the Office

Well today my topic will be more of my nostalgic style. I’ll be talking about how life used to be when I first started in this job.

When I first started everything was different. Different people, different procedures and different products. Since then we’ve grown and grown in size and complexity. I started as an IT assistant and now I’m practically the IT consultant; brought in to fix things and make everything running smoothly. I’m sat here right now in my office with my feet up on my desk and appreciating the smell of my new Dakota Furniture. I’ve upgraded my desk to a bigger one with more drawers. So much paperwork needs doing and I’m running out of bookcase space.

During my time here I’ve seen people come, make some real improvements to the way we do things and then go on to pastures new. I’ve also seen people come, last 10 minutes and leave. This job has its stresses and it isn’t for everyone. On the other hand, my colleague and I have been here for quite a while and we like to think that we’re impervious to the stresses of this job. And until last month we thought we were. This website went down for a brief period and had to be rebuilt. Do not despair though, we have rebuilt and we like to think that it is bigger, better and faster than ever. Don’t believe me? Well have a look around and see if it feels faster to you. It does to us.

I’ve been working on the site for a few weeks now and I’ve really enjoyed fixing things. We’re always making improvements to the site and adding new items onto our increasing gamut of items. Honestly, after listing each dining set individually, I never want to see another one. Our list is that extensive that it took me days to get then all up for our valued customers to enjoy. So I hope you decide to have a look through.

Well that’s it for today’ episode of office rants. Join us next time when we’ll be exploring what happens when you cross a warehouse manager with a KFC.