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Posted on October 9, 2018

Woman waking up on a morning.

Good morning readers, hope you all had a great day yesterday. At least Monday is over now, and every day is a day closer to the weekend and a day closer to a break off work or school. So how has your morning been? Did you get up ready to achieve something new and be motivated to do your tasks today or did you fall back asleep in bed? I won’t tell you what I did but let’s just say I’m not that motivated.

Anyway I should be this is my first blog! It’s my first day here at Dakota Furniture I’m on my trial day to see if I suit the apprenticeship so let’s hope this blog impresses them for me. So talking about new jobs. How long have you had your job, are you a person who jumps around from job to job trying to find the perfect one? Or do you just stay with your one perfect job that you are lucky enough to have? Personally once I start something I want to stick it out until it reaches its full potential, but each to their own right?

I’ve been side tracked by jobs, todays blog is about Motivation and getting out of your Dakota Bed every morning and wanting to have a very productive day, I know this is hard on these cold, dark October mornings but every has to do it and if you fall behind everyone else, that won’t have positive impacts on anyone. Even though its cold this is the last of the last of the sun were going to get until spring, the weather is only going to get worse and let’s just say I’m not going to enjoy it. So let’s just hope that we can get a few more warm days after this lovely summer we’ve had.