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Many Refreshing Choices

Posted on August 1, 2017

Many Refreshing Choices

So here we are, its half past 7 in the morning ish and we can all barely open our eyes and we are scurrying about trying to find our favourite morning beverage and begin our day on the right note.

However one of the unique facets of being human is that we all have our own individual tastes, some of us prefer a morning coffee for that immediate supercharge before we walk out the door, or perhaps the more nuanced taste of tea slowly bringing you to your senses.

Heck even if you prefer the sugary charge of an energy drink first thing in a morning (your mad by the way), one thing remains consistent; we all enjoy these beverage at the classic Coffee Table.

This living room staple has become something of a centrepiece of home furniture design over the years, yet in that time there have been many changes and variations of designs mean that like morning beverages there is an abundance of choice available to you.

However for us here at Dakota Furniture we can think of no better option than with our staggering collection of Dakota Coffee Tables.

Our extensive collection tries to pleas all markets, from those looking for a more traditional coffee table design, to those who require a more modern and practical piece for their living room furniture collection, with shelving and drawers built into a number of designs.

This is then combined with the versatility of this collection, which is embodied by the 2 finishes that each piece is available in.

The choice is either a vibrant light wood finish, or a warm and homely Dakota Dark wood finish, Each of which create their own unique look and fit with their own unique room aesthetics.

For instance if your aiming for a more uplifting living room design then why not go with one of our Light Dakota Coffee Tables and same applies for those looking for a more warm and intimate design, where the Dark Dakota Coffee Table is the best option.