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Keeping The Same Number

Posted on November 29, 2018


Hello readers of the Dakota Furniture blog, how are you all today? Hope you are better than the weather, well saying that it can’t be that hard. The weather lately has been absolutely terrible and it is only going to get worse.

Recently I have got a new phone, the iPhone XR! However I have switched providers from o2 to Virgin Media as there deals are so much cheaper. Well doing this you will usually get a new sim card and therefore a new number. As I have just fully remembered my number after having it for two years I didn’t want to change it. They say there is a way to keep your number and that it is super easy. However saying that it is, if the customer service team were helpful. I was put on hold for half an hour waiting for me just to end up ringing them again on another number. After being on hold for again they finally answered and we got everything sorted.

They then said that my number will be changed on the 28th and that I can use both phones for now. Well this leads me to today the 28th. My fresh new phone is at home and I am still using my old phone as I don’t have a case and screen protector for it yet. But this is pointless bringing my current phone as it has stopped working. It just says that it has no signal and I cannot use the internet or contact any people. So I am really hoping that nobody has contacted me today with anything important as I won’t be able to see any messages until I get home and go on my new phone whilst I’m sat in my chair with a tea next to me on the Light Dakota Coffee Table.

Anyway that has been todays Dakota Furniture blog come back soon for the next!