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Posted on July 23, 2018


Good afternoon readers the weekend is on its way again and it’s finally rained in the United Kingdom. About time am I right? The environment has definitely needed it with the garden, well looking like a savanna dessert.

Has this weather affected anyone recently? The heat definitely seems to have taken its toll on me with making typing this blog even hard work. I’ve even had all of the windows in the office open, which is extremely rare from me as I hate bugs. We all know that as soon any window is opened the entire cast of bug’s life makes its way into your vicinity.

Whilst working this afternoon out of nowhere I noticed a spider crawling across on the Dakota table speeding its way over to my hand. Guess what followed? A nasty bite, luckily nothing showed however this just reminded me why I really don’t like opening them windows. Are you a bug dodger?

The whole sense of an insect being near me doesn’t excite me one bit.  Research has proven that one of the most common things people are nervous to be around are bugs.

So, how can you get rid of this phobia? Is there any way to truly escape it? After a large amount of searching online at my Dakota Office Desk I found information stating to just basically introduce yourself to a bug slowly each day until eventually you feel nothing.

I don’t know about you but the whole idea of doing this slowly seems like a really agonising way to have a tolerance of an insect. Maybe I’ll give it a go, however I am not expecting any sudden amazing changes. On that note I will see you on Monday, for the next daily blog here at Dakota Furniture. Have a great weekend.