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I’m Going On Holiday!

Posted on June 26, 2019

holiday time

Good morning everyone! It is Wednesday today and low and behold, its raining again. I am quite fed up with this weather aren’t you? Oh how I would love to be stretched across the golden sand, cool ice drink in hand with the crystal blue water lapping at my feet.

Well reader, I don’t have to imagine because hopefully that will be me this time next week. That’s right, I’m going on holiday! I love the sun and will chase it anywhere around the world just for that taste of the warm dazzling light.

Going on holiday often scares me, and I have to make sure I’m prepared very early so I don’t forget anything or make mistakes. So of course everything is all packed and I am ready to go.

I am also really thrilled because during our holiday we are revamping our study for me and my siblings to study in. We have chosen Dakota Mango Furniture in a dark finish because it really compliments the white washed walls. Do you want to know what we have planned?

Firstly, me and my sister have a lot of online work to complete so we need a lot of space for our laptops and computers. We’ve chosen the Dakota Large Office Desk because then we can swap and share the large surface area. Then, for all my brothers stuffed animals we have purchased the Dakota Blanket Box, so that even he can’t clutter up the room! In my spare time we like to play board games or indulge in some leisurely reading, which we have supported by the use of the Dakota Tall Shelves with Rattan Baskets.

So that’s why I’m so excited this week as you can clearly tell! Now only am I going to be swept away in the warm beaches of sunny Spain, but I will also return to a brand new Dakota Mango Study – perfect for all my studies!