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With Brand New Eyes

Posted on November 20, 2017

With Brand New Eyes

The funniest thing about furniture and what makes it such a complex piece of your home is that everything is a matter of perspective. What may look great to you may not look fantastic to your guests or even other family members.

Yet due to the ever evolving and unique nature of home design means that eventually you will need to look at formerly dismissed pieces and ranges with a brand new set of eyes.

As an example let’s take a look at the Dakota Furniture collection.

Perhaps for the sake of argument your home features a sleek and modern look and feel, which sadly means that pieces such as a Natural Mango TV Unit just would not fit well with this design.

Yet if you were to change your room design and go for a more contemporary look and feel to your home design, then suddenly the modernist furniture designs that you have no longer fit.

Suddenly that Dakota Sideboard that you came across looks completely different.

Suddenly you’re seeing furniture that you believed not to work with brand new eyes, inspiring you to look further into this new range.

With this new perspective you will find yourself seeing new furniture layouts and designs coming in left and right.

This can also lead to furniture designs that you never thought of before, for example a stunning Dakota Coffee Table complete with 2 drawers and an open shelf.

Another example could be one of our Dakota Sideboards, with a new home furniture layout providing brand new opportunities never before seen.

And thanks to a wide range of designs ranging from 3 door sideboards through to compact yet effective Small Dakota Sideboards, this potential will be easy to unleash.

Such is the benefits of seeing furniture with a brand new set of eyes.