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Board Games!

Posted on September 4, 2018

Picture of a black and white chess set.

Where has all of this brilliant weather vanished off to? Usually, I would start my blog off with ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good afternoon’, however is it?? Yes, we live it Britain where weather isn’t normal but for the hot weather to disappear so quickly is unusual. Don’t you think?

So with gloomy weather on the horizon what do you find yourselves doing, rather than heading out in the rain? Personally, I’ll try to gather everyone in the house to sit down at our Dakota Dining Set and play any good old classic games, such as: Monopoly, Operation, Chess or Checkers etc.

It’s a shame not everyone plays the old classic games anymore. Instead they are too busy focusing on their phone/console playing online games. They’ll never know how much better the old classics were compared to now.

What happens when the electricity goes out and they aren’t able to access their games? They will be stuck with nothing to do and the thought of board games won’t appear due to the main fact it isn’t known to them. Unlike online computer games, you will find that the whole family will take part.

However, despite me advising you on trying the old classics it isn’t as easy as one would think. By this I mean that they are extremely hard to find and can now be quite expensive depending on the condition as well as its age. You’ve probably heard of car, stamp and lego collectors but have you ever head of board game collectors?

That’s right some people collect them, not only to hopefully think one day it will be worth something but also to keep part of history alive. Well, I hope you give the thought of it a go and I shall see you all here tomorrow at Dakota Furniture for the next daily blog.