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Another Cold Monday

Posted on October 22, 2018

Thermometer at 0

Good Morning readers, hope you have had a great start to this horrid Monday morning. You wait for the weekend just for it to be over in a flash. Did you do anything worthwhile or just stay in and chill in the warmth.

When it is this type of weather you can’t do anything apart from stay inside. If you go outside for even a second the chances of you getting a cold seem inevitable. When the days say that they have tops of 13 degrees it just upsets me. Even if it’s not the bitterly cold weather that gets you the constant wind that is constantly hitting you is normally even lower than the weather and just gives you no choice than just to wrap up in your Dakota 5ft Bed and keep warm.

In this office today it must be colder than the actual outside; I already have a cold so I really doubt this is going to help me get better. My arms are covered in goose bumps and I’m shivering so please can you forgive me if there is any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Anyway how are you all and are you all prepared and motivated to start this new working week? Has anybody got any exciting plans to look forward to or are you just waiting for Christmas like me. I know Christmas is ages away but I’m still excited for it, especially after Halloween and the start of November that’s when everyone becomes more festive. Yet I don’t agree that they start advertising things for Christmas this early on in the year. In my opinion I think they should start selling things such as Christmas trees and advent calendars in mid to late November just so people can be prepared to start early December but not be annoying to the people who don’t celebrate it that early or at all.